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What is the mission of the FLSCA?

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It is our mission to represent the stone crab industry in a progressive and just manner. We believe in forming educated decisions based on accurate scientific data and a complete analysis of all variables that may factor into the dynamics of the industry.

What are the membership dues/fees?

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The FLSCA is free for all members. The only source of income is through donations and merchandise sales. The FLSCA is a registered 501(c)(3) and the directors do not draw any income from the association.

Do I qualify to join the FLSCA? How do I join?

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Anyone with ties or an interest in the stone crab industry is welcome (fishermen, processors, retailers, restaurants etc.). Our focus is on ensuring accurate and reliable data for the commercial and recreational industries to reference. We also hope to bridge any gaps in the industry between fishermen and the entities that regulate them.

Is the FLSCA affiliated with any other organization or entity?

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No. We regularly work with many entities, but we are not affiliated in any way. Our only goal in working with others is to ensure we have the most accurate information for our members.

Where are you located?

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Our “home base” is Kirk Fish Company in Goodland, FL. Our directors all live in Collier County (Everglades City, Marco Island and Naples) and regularly meet in various locations.

How is the FLSCA tied to the Everglades Seafood Festival?

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The FLSCA directors, along with other community members, are on the Seafood Festival board and help to ensure the festival represents the commercial industry justly. The FLSCA is the registered not-for-profit host of the event but all moneys are separated into different accounts to avoid confusion.

How can I best keep up with the FLSCA?

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Follow us on social media (Instagram and Facebook), check our website for updates and join now to receive email updates. We will not share your information or send spam emails.

Where does the money donated go?

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Currently, we use the funding we receive for outreach, research and representation.

How do I get in touch with the FLSCA board?

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We can be reached via email at or through messenger on social media.

How can I find the current regulations for commercial stone crabbing?

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All commercial regulations can be found here

How can I find the current regulations for recreational stone crabbing?

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All recreation regulations can be found here

I have an industry-related question, but I am not sure who to direct it to?

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Contact the FLSCA with your question and the board members will direct you to the appropriate person/entity.

Are my communications with FLSCA confidential?

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The FLSCA does not give out private members information. All correspondence with FLSCA remains confidential. For example, members were not asked contact information on our cull ring survey as we are interested in the responses as a whole- not each fishermen’s exact methods. If ever there is a time when responses or correspondence is not private, you will be made aware prior.

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