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Meet the FLSCA Directors

Meet the FLSCA Directors

The Florida Stone Crabbers Association was formed in lieu of the FWC regulations that were proposed in 2020 and then passed July 22nd, 2020.  It is our mission to unite stone crab fishermen and stake holders throughout the state of Florida in an effort to protect our industry and promote data collection that accurately portrays the stone crab fisheries.

Holly Dudley:  Holly is no stranger to the commercial fishing community.  As the daughter of an Everglades City stone crab fisherman, Holly has grown up working hands on in all aspects of the industry.  Now, as the wife of a commercial stone crabber, Holly helps to run the business with her husband Shannon Dudley.  Her passion to conserve what is left of this delicate industry runs deep as she has personally seen the effects of the Net Ban and the devastation it reeked on her beloved home town.  Holly is also the founder of Holly’s Hope, a 501(c)3 that helps individuals overcome addictions.  

Kelly Kirk: Kelly was born on opening day of crab season and literally grew up on the dock as her parents were fishermen and fish house owners.  Kelly is the 5th generation in a local fishing family and became part owner of Kirk Fish Company located in Goodland, Fl in 2013.   She earned her bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Florida State University.  Kelly has been an outstanding spokeswoman for the FLSCA when presiding before state commissioners and FWC officials.  Her ability to speak with confidence and clarity is a tremendous asset. Kelly is dedicated to preserving the stone crab industry; she too, has seen first-hand the negative impacts this industry has incurred. 

Carrie Doxsee:  Carrie has worked alongside her husband Daniel Doxsee, a fourth-generation stone crabber, for almost 10 years.  She is no stranger to working on the hill or to the relentless conversations regarding crabbing.  Carrie is dedicated to preserving not only the stone crab population, but also the sustainability of the stone crab industry.  Carrie earned her B.S. in Natural Resource Management with a specialization in Animal Science at Rutgers University.  She earned her master’s degree in science education through NOVA University.  Carrie recently left her 15-year career as an educator to pursue her passion for exercise science, personal training, and wellness coaching.    Carrie’s strengths lie in her ability to decipher and comprehend expository literature and scientific publishings.  Unbiased scientific data that encompasses the industry in totality and considers all of the variables that factor into the operation of this industry is what should drive our rules and regulations. 

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